Exercise physiology – an accredited exercise physiologist (EP) is a minimum 4 year university trained allied health professional with an expertise in exercise prescription and programming for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability.

As an EP we are able to assist in injury rehabilitation, weight loss, women’s health, elite athletes, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, cancer, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, falls prevention, osteo-perosis and arthritis as well as the instruction of Pilates, hydrotherapy, gym and home based programs.

Exercise physiologists provide services with funding from

  • Private health funds
  • Medicare – Chronic Disease management
  • Department of Veterans affairs (DVA)
  • Work Cover
  • Compulsory Third Part (CTP) Insurance
  • Self Funded

To find out whether you are eligble for bulk billing of our services please contact you general practitioner (GP) and download the appropriate form, available here

Services we offer