Services - What we offer

Sunshine Coast Wellness offers an accredited Exercise Physiologist, who is able to assist in injury rehabilitation, weight loss, women’s health, elite athletes, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, cancer, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, PTSD, falls prevention, osteo-perosis and arthritis as well as the instruction of Pilates, hydrotherapy, gym and home based programs.

Our Exercises Physiologist or an EP is a University trained Allied Health professional with an expertise in exercise prescription and programming for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability.

We offer a range of services including some of our most popular programmes tailored to suit your conditions and rehabilitation needs.


 is our specialised programming will offer purpose and direction for the toughest days on the bike. Riding doesn’t need to be about doing mindless hours, day in day out but with the correct guidance your investment can be taken to the next level. Read More - >

Whether you are looking to run your first marathon or wish to participate in your local fun run with your children our specialised programs will have you getting the most enjoyment from your running. With programs ranging from 5 – 42kms. Read More ->

MTBFIT or Mountain Bike FIT
 is a
5 & 10 week programs to get you comfortably climbing the steepest fire roads to maintaining speed and flying down the roughest downhill track. This program can be customised to cross-country, endure or downhill specific racing. Read More ->

 is targeted at teenagers with the emphasis of training to train, training to compete and training to win with special consideration for burnout prevention as well as other physical overuse injuries that could occur. We allow your child to grow into the athlete they want to be. Read More ->